Orders can be made to order by Bespoke. A consultation in our atelier is required before an order can be placed.

To make an appointment for a consultation or to enquire about an order, please contact us via CONTACT.

オーダーの流れ / Ordering process






- カウンセリングの流れ -

  1. 形を決めます。

  2. 素材を決めます。
    (取扱い生地ブランド:Holland and Sherry, Fox Brothers, Joshua Ellis, Linton 他)

  3. ベースとなる色、リボンや飾りを決めます。

  4. 1から3を踏まえ、価格とおおよその納期をお伝え致します。







* お車でお越しの場合は、近隣のコインパーキングをご利用下さい。

* 出張カウンセリングをご希望の場合はお申し付け下さい。(交通費・サンプル送料費等お申し受け致します。)

<1: Make an appointment for a counselling session>

Please let us know your preferred date for the counselling via the CONTACT page.

We will contact you by e-mail to discuss the basics of your order, and once we have an understanding of the approximate price and delivery date, we will decide on the date of your consultation.

<2: Counselling>(approx. 1 hour)

Counselling takes place in the studio.

--- Counselling process ---

  1. Decide on the shape.
    We will ask you about your preferred style, try on samples and suggest a hat shape to suit your physique, facial features, usual clothing style and TPO, and decide on a rough design.

  2. Decide on the material.
    We choose from natural grass fabrics such as Panama and hemp for spring and summer, felt for autumn and winter, linen, cotton, silk, wool, cashmere, vicuna and other fabrics and furs to suit the design.

  3. Decide on the base colours, ribbons and decorations.

  4. Based on 1 to 3, we will inform you of the price and approximate delivery date.
    The order is completed when you have deposited the deposit.

<3: Production period>(2 weeks to several months)

In the case of production from a mould, or if necessary, a fitting may be requested at the temporary sewing stage.

<4: Handover>

When finished, we ask you to try it on. If there are no problems, we will give it to you as it is.

If adjustments are required, please try the item on again after making the adjustments.

We can send you the product, but we recommend that you visit our atelier, not only to check the size, but also to give you advice on how to wear the product and how to style it.

* If you are coming by car, please use the nearby coin-operated parking.

* If you wish to have on-site counselling, please let us know. (Transportation and sample postage costs will be charged).


フェルト / Felt

紳士帽子(フェドラ)の場合 / ex. Fedra

ミンクビーバー (mink beaver mixed):¥150,000〜 | ビーバー (beaver):¥100,000〜 | ラビット (rabbit):¥60,000〜

女優帽の場合 / ex. Capeline

ラビット (rabbit):¥80,000〜

天然草 / Natural grass fabrics

パラバンタル (parabuntal):¥80,000〜 | パナマ (panama):¥50,000〜(プレミアムパナマに関しては次のセクションをご覧下さい) | 麦わら (straw):¥50,000〜 | ラフィア (raffia):¥40,000〜 | シゾール (sisol):¥40,000〜


布帛 (fabrics):¥50,000〜 | 皮革 (leather):¥200,000〜 | 毛皮 (fur):¥100,000〜

* 表記は税抜価格です / Price excluding tax 

オーダー商品例 / Gallery:メンズ(men's)/レディース(Ladie's)/一点物(One-off)

プレミアムパナマ / Premium Panama













Kaori Millinery35ではこのエスピナル・ファミリーが編み上げたプレミアムクオリティーのパナマ帽素材を、ミリナー・前田かおりの技術で仕上げるオーダーハットをご提供しております。

Panama hats originate from Ecuador

Panama hats are often thought to originate from Panama in Central America, but in fact they are from Ecuador in South America.

The high-quality toquilla grass used as raw material grows wild in some areas of Ecuador and its export is prohibited, so all Panama hats (toquilla hats) and Panama hat bodies are made in Ecuador.

Regions and weavers

Panama hats are woven all over Ecuador, but the highest grade hats have been woven by skilled artisans for generations in Montecristi and the surrounding villages, where the temperature and humidity are ideal for processing the raw material, the toquilla grass. The name "Montecristi" is therefore synonymous with high-grade Panama hats.

The weaving technique is handed down from parents to children, and only a handful of craftsmen are able to weave high-grade hats, due to economic circumstances and individual qualities.

Master Simon Espinal, legendary Panama hat weaver

In the world of Panama hat weavers, Simon Espinal is a master of his craft.

His Panama hats are as smooth, supple and strong as silk. Due to the fineness of the weave, production is limited to one or two pieces per year.

Panama hats are graded according to the number of weaves, with the most common Panama hats being of grade 2 or 3 and Montecristi's high-grade hats being of grade 24 to 35. In such a range, Simon's Panama hats are knitted in the 50-60 grade range.

Espinal Family Order Panama Hats

The Espinal Family is the only family of craftsmen who can knit Panama hats of grade 36 and above.

Kaori Millinery35 offers order-made hats made of premium-quality Panama hat material knitted by the Espinal Family and finished with the skills of milliner Kaori Maeda.

Espinal Family made to order panama hat

納期目安 / Estimated delivery date

1 to 1.5 years (delivery time depends on grade)

基本料金目安 / Approximate basic price






モンテクリスティ / Montecristi made to order panama hat

納期目安 / Estimated delivery date

6ヶ月〜1年 / 6 months to 1 year

基本料金目安 / Approximate basic price

  • Ultra Fine:¥1,000,000〜
  • Super Fine +:¥900,000〜
  • Super Fine:¥600,000〜

ビスポークコンセプト / Our bespoke concept









Kaori Millinery hats assist in the styling of personalities.

A hat is the frame of the face, the gateway to communication.

They naturally come into view when looking at the face and are a tool that can change a person's impression depending on the balance between the face and the hat's shape, colour and the way it is worn.

However, hats are not the mainstay of style (although they are often seen as a strong statement item). It is an item that complements and completes the style or directs the style. Hats are the most effective tool to control the balance and nuance between the person and the clothes, and to connect the character that the wearer is aiming for.

Therefore, the creation of Kaori Millinery starts from the question of what style the wearer is aiming for. We see hats in terms of the shape of the person who wears them, their lifestyle and tastes, the balance with their clothes, their character and their own story, and design 'gestures' that accompany that relationship. Instead of seeking trends, we create styles.

By picking up a hat and wearing it in one's own way, one's 'gesture' becomes familiar and the style is completed.

Kaori Millinery offers the best technology to assist you in discovering your 'own style'.