2014年にカオリミリネリーとして独立すると同時に、コラボレーションとしてKeiko Nishiyamaのランウェイショー(ロンドン)に参加。現在は東京を拠点に、クチュールミリナーとマスプロデュース両方の技術を活かしたビスポークハットの職人及びヘッドウェアデザイナーとして活動中。

Kaori trained couture millinery techniques under Prudence in London, one of the few milliners who have inherited traditional practice of all hand stitching after learned basic hat making in Salon de Chapeau-Gakuin in Tokyo. While working at Prudence (headwear for Vivienne Westwood, etc.) as an assistant, she independently involved in making head costumes for theatre companies such as English National Opera. Additionally, in order to learn techniques different from couture millinery, she trained at Mühlbauer Hut und Mode GmbH in Vienna, where she studied manufacturing processes for mass production hat making.

She established Kaori Millinery in 2014 and took part in London Fasion Week in collaboration with Keiko Nishiyama. Currently based in Tokyo, she is in action as a bespoke hat maker/headwear designer who can employ both skills of a couture milliner and manufacturing techniques.